Party light hire

We have a range of lights for hire to create the right mood for your dance party or corporate event. Our range includes outdoor lighting, disco/party lights and smoke machines

Daily Hire

Kinta Light A multi-coloured disco light that projects powerful beams. The light shines through 48 lenses to create a vibrant show. Can be set to be sound activated or DMX. Especially effective with smoke machine.

kinta light

$ 25

Mushroom Light This has been our most popular lights for over 10 years. It fills the room with dancing rays of colour beams. This is the unit used by many DJs all over the world. Again, best with a smoke machine.

mushroom light

$ 25

Hexa Led disco Light One of our more modern lights. The polished rectangular lenses help with the dispersion of the LED beams. The patterns can be programmed to suit your mood and it's sound activated.

Hexaled light

$ 25

Quad Laser This laser creates a fantastic effect of sound activated dancing lights. There are four separate beams of red, green and yellow blends. Excellent choice for your dance or rave party.

quad laser
$ 59

Small Smoke Machine A 600W unit which is sufficient for smaller rooms with up to 50 people. Comes complete with 500ml of smoke fluid which should last the whole party. Additional fluid is $15 per litre.

small smoke machine
$ 29

Heavy Duty Smoke Machine 1000 watts of power and one litre of fog fluid will fill even the largest venue with smoke. Comes complete with a wired remote control. Please check with venue if they allow foggers before hiring.

Heavy duty smoke machine
$ 45

Light Stand A tripod stand with a T-Bar which can hold up to 4 of our lights and/or smoke machines. We supply the bolts and wing nuts. Telescopically adjustable stand from 1.5m to 2.5 metres.

light stand
$ 19

Par Cans High intensity LED industry standard PAR64 lights. Can be programmed to display any colour which makes it ideal as a wash-light (ie it "paints" the wall with the selected colour). We can provide floor stands free of charge.

par can
$ 25

Par Can Package Included are 4 x par cans, a lighting stand and all cables. We can supply a DMX controller, or you can set them to "light activated" mode. Ideal for live sound such as bands or DJs.

par can package


Call us for bundle prices for light/sound system hire. We can advise you on the most appropriate lighting for your venue.